HPC is the regional one-stop shop for planting technologies and services in South East Asia.

Over 200+ products and services from nutrient formulations, commercial services, education, and many more!


All the planting that goes on across the globe falls into these 4 categories. And we have specialised in all 4 of them for the past 40 years. If you’re looking for the latest in planting technologies to maximise, hybrid marine systems, or a simple garden to keep your place looking natural and beautiful, we have everything that you need!

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Advanced Soilless Culture

We provide a host of hydroponic technique solutions that cater to your specific needs:
Deep Flow Technique, Nutrient Film Technique, Dynamic Flow Technique etc.



Hybridising Hydroponics and Aquaculture

Systems which allow cultivation of plants and aquatic animals symbiotically.
An ideal setup for schools and industry, to explore organic alternatives to plant nutrition.



Plant cultivation with unrefined nutrient sources

Setups and Nutrients which allow for an organic planting experience.
Have a growing interest in organic farms? We provide all you need to kickstart one yourself!


Planted Tanks

Plant cultivation with unrefined nutrient sources

Most fishtanks will not be complete without a proper ecosystem, with aquatic plants.
We provide all the nutrients needed to have an eye-catching setup with minimal maintenance!


It’s a household gardening nutrition name. So why should you adopt it?

  • The Gold Standard: LUSHGro Nutrients are the #1 formulated nutrients in the region, and widely used both locally and internationally. It is the trusted nutrient product by numerous gardeners, home farms, landscapers, and industrial farms worldwide.
  • 17 vs 3 elements: Most nutrients only provide N, P, and K for plants. At HPC, we recognise that 17 elements, not 3, are needed for plants to grow, and we provide them in optimum quantities for plant growth.
  • Vast Nutrient Range: Plants come in all forms, each with their unique requirements. Young, flowering, ornamental, fruiting, herbs – all require unique nutrition requirements. At HPC, we provide nutrients for all types of plants, even rice and tubers!
  • Extensive Development: Every LUSHGro formulation is the result of over 20 years of research and development by a team of horticulturists, lead by the famous Dr Mallick F Rahman B.Sc.(Agriculture), M.Sc.(Horticulture), Ph.D.(Horticulture). All products are scientifically backed and provide consistent guaranteed results!
  • The Right Ingredients: All the ingredients used to develop LUSHGro nutrients are carefully selected by HPC. Obtained from trusted and reputable sources, LUSHGro nutrients are developed using >98% pure, fertiliser grade earth minerals extracted from soil and stone, and purified for optimal results.
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LUSHGro: The Household Name for Gardeners

Our bestselling LUSHGro Nutrients and Supplies are carefully developed with specially sourced supplies from all over the world. With over 40 years of selection and development, we have produced the LUSHGro line of products has grown to over 50 premium gardening products. Thousands across the globe use LUSHGro – you cannot go wrong with that!

LUSHGro Formulated Nutrients

All-purpose Formulated Nutrient Solutions

EASIGro Easy-Use Nutrients

Easy Use Nutrient Solutions 

SUPERGro Nutrients for Trees

Solid Nutrient Formulations for Trees

LUSHGro Pots & Grow Trays

High quality, wide range hydroponic and conventional pots & growing systems

LUSHGro Growing Media

Premium and affordable ACTIVE and SUBSTRATE planting media for optimal plant growth.

LUSHGro Seeds & Germination

Internationally Sourced Seeds and Germination Media for hardy, healthy seedlings.

LUSHGro Special Solutions

Signature solutions (Hormones, Vitamins, Plant Extracts, and others) for plant development and system maintenance.
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For homes, schools, offices, and industry, we have the right thing for you!


We provide everything you need set up your own garden. Take a look below!

Formulated Nutrients

The LUSHGro Series is the cornerstone of plant nutrition solutions – a gold standard used internationally by hobbyists and farmers alike. LUSHGro nutrient solutions contain all the essential elements for plant growth & development, making plants grow faster, healthier, and hardier, with greener leaves and jucier fruits.

Straight Nutrients

HPC’s Straight Nutrients are selectively sourced to ensure they are >98% pure, fertiliser grade nutrients which are safe for plant growth without unwanted or harmful byproducts. Each nutrient offered is specially selected based on its purity, water solubility, reliabilty and safety for human handling, making them ideal for plant growth. They are safe for hydroponics, potted plants, garden plants and planted tanks.

Growing Media

HPC provides physically and chemically stable growth media to maintain a healthy plant base and root zone. Media comes as an active nutrient media (such as rich potting soil), or neutral substrate media (such as LECA) for a wide spectrum of uses.

Seeds & Germination

HPC Premium Quality, Nitrogen-Packed Seeds for Vegetables, Grass, Rice, Flowers and Fruits of Taiwanese origin. Healthy seedlings grown in Singapore with carefully selected seeds. Germination Media optimised for germinating a wide range of seeds.

Growing Pots & Trays

High quality, wide range hydroponic net pots for all requirements.

Indicators & Test Meters

HPC sup pies industry specific pH, EC, Light, Temperature and other test meters and indicators for agricultural uses. These products are built to withstand continuous plant nutrition use. Recalibration solutions, and pH/EC adjustment solutions are also available.

High-Yield Growing Systems

HPC provides custom-built hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic and organic planting systems using a wide range of cultivation techniques, optimised for the user’s climate and planting needs.


HPC constructs standalone greenhouse systems and joint planting systems. They are developed based on detailed user requirements: lighting requirements, temperature requirements, plants to be grown, extra- housing factors (eg. proximal insect infections), and many more.

Miscellaneous Other Products

We have various products catering to recreational office setups, educational school setups and industrial farming setups, primarily in Singapore and South East Asia. Call us for an enquiry today!


From maintaining your garden, to sprucing up your place for a special event, we provide flexible solutions to all your planting needs!

Ad hoc Plant Decoration

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Landscape Development

Not only is Avada translation ready, we also Include several languages already translated! Need RTL? No problem! And Avada is 100% WPML & qTranslate compatible!

Landscape Maintenance

Not only is Avada translation ready, we also Include several languages already translated! Need RTL? No problem! And Avada is 100% WPML & qTranslate compatible!


HPC will continue to provide the flexible and customised solutions that we have been doing for the past 30 years. Be it through our products or services, we will help you find your way towards a lusher garden, a nicer office, a bountiful farm, a special setup for an important day or a more effective plant education.

We guarantee it – we always have!

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