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Ideal for growing vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and even food crops – both horizontally & vertically

Create your own Kitchen & Office Garden & help bond your family & your business camaraderie, Create your own Market Garden and supply your community & neighbourhood with quality vegetables! plants remove the carbondioxide we breathe out & supply the oxygen that we breathe in help keep your surroundings clean & green – also brighten and cool your environment!

Finally, the ultimate solution to growing plants successfully! Try and see the difference! think environment – think recycling – think hydroponics – you can recycle anything and everything used in hydroponics including the knowledge gained at HPC we don’t simply sell things – we help you grow your plants to your fullest satisfaction.

Company Profile

Hydroponics & Plant Care Pte Ltd (HPC) was incorporated in the Asian Garden City State of Singapore in August 1998 (functioned under various names since 1977).

Our Mission is to promote farming and landscaping in “Homes & Small Communities” in urban societies and our Second Mission is to identify & promote potential horticultural projects (including plantations) as lucrative investment vehicle for long term returns.

Our First Vision is to see SELF-SUFFICIENCY in basic vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, food & ornamental plants in all homes & urban communities around the world.

Our Second Vision is to see HAPPY & ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY FAMILY LIFE in all homes, residential communities, clubs, resorts and urban communities around the world.

Our Third Vision is to see ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY RECYCLING PROJECTS using various kinds of pre and post harvest waste materials generated by horticultural industries including homes, plantations, orchards and food processing industries.

HPC is a company that aggressively promotes & manages horticultural projects through:
hydroponic farming
organic farming
home farming
small community and rooftop farming
landscaping, gardening, ponds, fountains, greenhouses & irrigation systems
aquaponics & planted tanks
rental & maintenance of potted plants for offices and special functions
trees, turf grass and garden care supplies & services
visit sites, conduct market survey and write Business Feasibility Reports / Business Plans
identify, acquire & maintain orchards, plantations & resorts for investment companies
lectures, small group seminars, workshops and training sessions
tree health certification for town planners, developers & outdoor sports centers
regional & international conferences & exhibitions on soilless culture
HPC helps schools, colleges and tertiary institutions have “Hydroponic Farms” and “Organic Farms” – an innovative and an interactive concept that nurtures creative minds and cultivates an intellectually challenging learning environment for talented minds with diverse expectations from research to entrepreneurship.
HPC helps small and big entrepreneurs and corporations establish “Hydroponic Farms” and “Organic Farms” – an innovative and environment-friendly farming concept that nurtures healthy lifestyle by growing and supplying all kinds of plants – vegetables & culinary herbs, flowers & other ornamental plants, fruits & plantation crops, food & fodder crops, medicinal plants, etc. in any place, irrespective of climate and soil conditions.
HPC helps in the maintenance of gardens & landscapes in homes, clubs, condominiums, public buildings, schools, colleges and tertiary institutions with an excellent team of trained and self-motivated gardeners.

HPC helps to identify lucrative and healthy plantations, orchards, resorts and other similar agriculture or horticultural businesses around the world for possible acquisition and subsequent management for capital investment companies with an excellent team of self-motivated staff.

HPC manufactures and markets the very popular LUSHGro range of straight and formulated plant nutrients mostly derived from natural resources – THE completely balanced nutrition for all types of plants! See a complete listing of our products in our Product Catalogue.

Our Scope of Work

  • Stage Decorations for Functions
  • Potted Plant Rentals & Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Landscapes in Schools
  • Maintenance of Landscapes in Condominiums
  • Maintenance of Landscapes in Government Buildings
  • Horticulture & Landscape Management Courses
  • Soilless Culture Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
  • Hydroponics & Gardening Courses for Homes & Schools
  • Maintenance of Landscapes in Homes & Private Properties
  • Market Survey, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans & Turnkey Operations
  • Manufacture & Distribution of LUSHGro Formulated Nutrients for Garden Plants
  • Manufacture & Distribution of LUSHGro Formulated Nutrients for Planted Tanks

Keyman Profile

Dr. Mallick F. Rahman, M. has distinguished academic qualifications like B.Sc. in Agriculture, M.Sc. in Horticulture & a Ph.D. in Horticultural Biotechnology. He did his post-doctorate at the Shizuoka University in Japan in 1982 -1984.

Dr. Mallick has over 36 years of research, lecturing and entrepreneurial experience in horticulture in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan. He has travelled to the US, UK, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Bulgaria, France and other countries to speak and to attend conferences and exhibitions in Horticulture and Soilless Culture.

Currently, Dr. Mallick is a Consultant Horticulturist and Managing Director of a company that is solely committed to practicing and promoting the hydroponic, organic and aquaponic farming technologies – Hydroponics & Plant Care Pte Ltd (HPC). He is also working as an Associate Lecturer at the School of Life Sciences, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

He has published more than 50 research papers and popular articles. He has appeared in many TV & radio programs, newspaper & magazine articles and has spoken on latest developments in hydroponics & organic farming technologies.

Dr. Mallick is the founder and currently the President of the Horticulture Society of Singapore. He is a Council Member from Singapore sitting in the International Society for Horticultural Science.

Dr. Mallick conducts international conferences, public seminars and workshops on hydroponics, organics and aquaponics all round the year.

His goal is to make every home and every community to have its own mini-farm to grow all plants or plant products they use every day. His mission is to see all families having their own home farms and enjoying a happy family life!

He also consults on horticultural projects in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and East European countries to help investors pump funds into greenhouse farming, orchards, plantations and commercial farms and help them to reap rewards on their investments.

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