Services for Offices

From our inception in 1977, HPC has assisted numerous public and private offices become a brighter and better place to work. We have seen the difference that a green workplace brings, and we know how to best create it. Details of our services are as follows:

Internal Horticulture Maintenance

In Singapore, the difference between a good office and a great one is the liveliness of the staff. Most offices go to great lengths to develop healthy green offices, but lack the necessary maintenance to ensure that the plants look as good as new. At HPC, we help countless small and large offices across Singapore keep their office plants well maintained at highly affordable, flexible costs. Contact us today, and we’ll keep your plants bright, lively and infection-free!

Event Decoration

An important event coming up? Be it your company’s annual dinner, your school’s awards day, or even your child’s birthday, we are ready to provide adhoc plant decoration services for you.

We have extensive experience in adhoc event plant decoration, for multiple organizations, hotels, schools and homes. We cater to flexible set-up and take-down times, specific plant preferences, multiple locations and urgent services.

External Plant Maintenance

HPC offers affordable landscaping and plant management solutions, utilised by numerous schools, enterprises, homes and public locations across in Singapore.

We provide long term maintenance solutions, managing plant related issues such as malnutrition, plant infection, and adhoc requests for festive occasions. Our experienced staff and supervisors will ensure that your plants and surroundings are well maintained, be it at home or in the office.

Weeds and infections will be removed, and special preparation will be given for important occasions. All solutions are customised to client needs. Contact us for more details.

For more details, view our ‘COMMERCIAL SERVICES’ under our product catalogue.


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