Formulated Nutrients (I) – LUSHGro Nutrients

The LUSHGro Series is the cornerstone of plant nutrition solutions – a gold standard used internationally by hobbyists and farmers alike. LUSHGro nutrient solutions contain all the essential elements for plant growth & development, making plants grow faster, healthier, and hardier, with greener leaves and jucier fruits. LUSHGro nutrients are precisely formulated from over 16 essential elements, forming a balanced and nutritious liquid fertilizer.

The liquid nature enables gardeners to provide nutrients to plants that are readily absorbed, minimising runoff and wastage. LUSHGro nutrients are available as two-part formulation, concentrated by a factor of 100. All products are formulated with >98% fertilizer grade minerals, and come with complete nutrition information and usable manuals.

  • LUSHGro Hydro – Nutrient Concentrate for vegetables and young/unmatured plants.

  • LUSHGro Bloom – for mature flowering and fruiting plants. Ensures development of bigger, brighter and more flowers and fruits.
  • LUSHGro Green – for mature ornamental plants. Ensures development of larger, hardier and waxier leaves.
  • LUSHGro Herbs – for all herbs. Ensures increased formulation and secretion of essential oils, improving herb taste and smell.
  • LUSHGro Roots (& Tubers) – for root/tuber specific plants (such as carrots and potatoes). Increases root mass, development quality and quantity.
  • LUSHGro Marine – organic seaweed extract for all planting uses. Especially ideal for planted tanks.
  • LUSHGro Aqua – Bestselling planted tank nutrient, safe on fish and provides all macro and micro nutrients needed for aquatic plant maintenance and growth. Ensures improved leaf and stem brightness and hardiness, and secure rooting.
  • LUSHGro Micros – Micronutrient mix for high-quantity users. Provides all micronutrient requires which are absent in most industry nutrients. Ideal for farms, home farms, gardens, and planted tanks. To be used in conjunction with macronutrients.
  • EASIGro Veggy – Ready-to-use Nutrient for all Hydroponic and Potted plants, particularly vegetables
  • EASIGro Green – Ready-to-use Specialised Nutrient for Foliage Plants and Herbs
  • EASIGro Bloom – Ready-to-use Specialised Nutrient for Flowering and Fruiting Plants

Formulated Nutrients (II) – EASIGro Nutrients

The EasiGro Series was developed by HPC to help new plant growers, or gardeners with little time for nutrient preparation. The EasiGro series is the diluted, stabilized and ready-to-use balanced
nutrient formulation for your various planting purposes. EasiGro Nutrients are supplied as fully homogeneous liquid concentrates for easy use. No dilution, mixing, or preparation – simply open and add to the plant!

All EASIGro products come with detailed product directions.

Formulated Nutrients (III) – SUPERGro Nutrients

The SUPERGro Series was developed as a balanced, optimised nutrient product for trees and surrounding herbs. SUPERGro nutrients are provided as a single powdered mix which slowly release nutrients to trees, allowing
for easy and infrequent application. It is spread around the tree trunks and soaked with water to sink them to the roots.

All SUPERGro nutrients are very stable and packed in small easy-to-carry containers.

SUPERGro nutrients come in 2 forms, specialised to leafy or flowering trees. balanced nutrient formulation for flowering and fruiting trees grown in the soil.

 All SUPERGro products are produced with >98% pure, fertiliser grade nutrients, and come with detailed product manuals.

  • SUPERGro Green n’ Bright – Solid Nutrient Mixture for hard stemmed, indoor or festive foliage.
  • SUPERGro Bloom n’ Fruit – Solid Nutrient Mixture for all flowering and fruiting plants and trees.

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