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Bok Choy 'Summer Purple H' (Brassica Rapa Chinensis Group) Vegetable Plant, 1.5g (~150) Seeds

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Highly attractive variety with bright purple leaves and thin green stems. It’s slightly denser than other purple bok choys, form a more developed head and firmer petioles. Mild, slightly crunchy flavor is great raw or cooked. Tolerates heat better than many other bok choys and also can take temperature differences between day and night better without bolting. Matures in 20-25 days for baby leaves and 45-55 days to full size. 


Growing: Plant during cooler period in hot and humid climate. For temperate climates, plant in late spring after the last frost/summer or late summer/early fall in a sunny location. Germination temp. 50-80F (10-26C). Soil: fertile, well-drained soil. Sowing depth: 1/4-1/2in (0.6-1.27cm). Spacing: 1-2in (2.54-5cm). Thin to: 6-8in (15-20cm). Row Distance: 18-24in (45-61cm). Watering: regular to keep the soil moist yet not soggy. Sun exposure: full sun. Fertilizing: recommended. Harvest the whole plant at once or pick the outed leaves for several weeks. 


All our seeds are NON GMO, Untreated, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds. We carefully select the seeds only from trusted suppliers to meet the highest requirements of quality and pack them in individual hermetically sealed bags for protection against moisture, light, temp. changes and much longer viability.