LushGro - Aqua Liquid

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This unique LUSHGro-AQUA Liquid is a formulated plant food containing all the essential elements aquatic plant growth & development. This scientifically balanced nutritious liquid fertilizer is the result of more than 15 yearsof R&D work. Care has been taken to keep the nitrate (NO3) level as low as possible to be safe on the fish and other aquatic fauna. It cannot be toally deleted as nitrogen, which is an essential element for plant growth, is always absorbed by the plants in the form of nitrates. It is a ready-to-use formulation.

It comes in 4 sizes: 
- 250 ml of LushGro Aqua: S$15.00
- 500 ml of LushGro Aqua: S$ 21.50
- 1 litres of LushGro Aqua: S$ 28.00
- 5 litres of LushGro Aqua: S$ 125.00