Coir cup & coir Pallet Germination set

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💥Back By Popular Demand!💥 Eco-friendly coir cup to initiate healthier growth of plants with Fiber Grow seed cups – alternative to peat based pots. Made from the husk of coconuts (coir). Great for starting all flowers and vegetables. The Fiber Grow Seeding cup is designed for starting seeds and/or cuttings. Once the plant has matured enough (weather permitting) they can be planted directly into the ground or pots. Once in the soil or Net pots, the roots will go through the pots hence minimize transplanting shock. Features: 1. Eco-friendly from Coco fiber. 2. Easily bio-degradable. 3. Used for growing indoor-outdoor small plants Specification Top Diameter 6cm Bottom Diameter Height 5cm The cup comes with coir Pallet which is great for seedling growth. Use water 💦 to uncompressed the Pallet. Easy to use and very clean. High quality! 💥selling out fast ! 💥