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Butterhead Lettuce 'Merveille Des Quatres Saisons' (Lactuca Sativa L.)

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Butterhead Lettuce 'Merveille Des Quatres Saisons' (Lactuca Sativa L.) - Medium early, super cold resistant, butterhead variety sown from July to October, ready for harvest in 52-57 days. Forms small, pretty heads, stays fresh for a long time. Do not form racemes. The leaves are slightly wavy and smooth, mouth watering, very sweet and delicious, perfect for salads, garnishes, sandiwches etc. Naturally rich in essential minerals and dietary fiber, supporting healthy well being. Suitable for growing outside and in green houses. Grows best in warm, sunny, bright location and fertile, well drained soil, preferably rich in organic matter. Requires regular watering.

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Contains 800-1100 seeds.