Amaranth- Red Autumn Bayam

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Product Description : F1 Red Bayam Seeds

Quantity : 25 seeds

Maturity : 33days


Light Requirements:

- Decent Sunlight is a must (at least along the window ) for 3 hrs

- Do not mix indoor plants with outdoor plants in a single pot. They will not thrive and reach their maximum growth due to lack of sunlight nutrient.

Soil for Potted Plants

- Always use fertilized potting mix which consist of coco peat moss or coconut fiber (coir), vermiculite or perlite, compost and other ingredients.

- Good Quality soil provide good drainage, hold moisture, and give roots room to grow.



- Always fertilize the plants with the right nutrition. You can try our LushGro Bloom series or Super Bloom.
- Add supplement when on the 3rd -4th week as it would give a healthy boost to the growth