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Cabbage Seeds For Sprouting (Brassica Oleracea L.) Heirloom

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Cabbage Seeds for Sprouting (Brassica Oleracea L.) ready to harvest in just 5-10 days , this super green is valued for its especially nutritious, rich green, tiny leaves. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it provides valuable source of nutrition year round.  It's an extremely valuable and healthy product, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, which are easily and fast absorbed by the body providing a great and natural source of energy and benefiting all the immune system. Sprouting seeds form a few times more the amount of vitamins, micro elements and ferments than the matured plant. The sprouts, which are ready for eating in just 5-10 days are always fresh, very delicious and improves the daily food.

Cabbage seeds are widely known and highly appreciated for centuries as a remedy for many illnesses, as well as natural support for digestive and immune systems. It’s very rich in dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), omega -3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins E, F, K, iron, magnum, phosphorus and iodine. The seeds are processed from an organically grown flax plants, providing completely natural and pure source of nutrition for maximum benefits.

How to prepare: It’s very easy to sprout the seeds. After washing, pour the seeds into bowl or other suitable utensil and cover them with water. 

There has to be 3-4 times more water than seeds. Soak the seeds for 4-12hours until they swell and then pour the water away. Keep the swelled 
seeds without water in a covered bowl so that they don’t dry out until they sprout. It takes about 2-10 days for the seeds to sprout. Sprouting seeds 
should be moist regularly (pour on and pour out the water). 

All our seeds are NON GMO, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds.

Contains 6g of seeds.