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Herbal Curly Parsley 'Moss Curled' (Petroselinum Crispum) Medium Early Herb Heirloom, 1000 Seeds

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Herbal Curly Parsley 'Moss Curled' (Petroselinum Crispum) - Medium early curly variety grown for spring/summer and autumn harvest popular for abundant, continiuos harvest and great flavour. Matures in 80-90 days grown for spring/summer harvest and 150-180 days grown for autumn harvest. Contains dark green, incredibly aromatic and great flavoured curly, dense leaves rich in vitamins and minerals. Best for fresh consumption, drying, freezing. Suitable for growing outside and inside in pots. Grows best in light sandy soil with regular watering and bright, warm location.

All our seeds are NON GMO, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds.

Contains 1000 seeds.