LushGro Series: LushGro- Bloom Solid

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LUSHGro-BloomSolid is a two-part A/B formulation. They can make 10 litres of Stock Solution A and B (100X concentrated). This set consists of Packet A1 & Packet A2 and Packet B. The solution contains high K, Mg, S, Mn, Zn, Cu, B and Mo. It is a complete balanced liquid fertilizer for flowering & fruiting plants - ideal for Orchids & Bougainvilleas

Ideal to be used on all plants growing in soil and soilless. This contains all the essential elements for plant growth & development, making plants grow faster, healthier and hardier with greener and juicer leaves.

All LushGro Solid Series are all done on pre-order basis as to preserve the quality of the product.