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Mustard 'Southern Giant Curled' (Brassica Juncea) Vegetable Heirloom, 2g Of Seeds

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Mustard 'Southern Giant Curled' (Brassica Juncea) - Frilled and heavily curled, this traditional old heirloom posses warm, mustardy, hot flavour and adds a great spicy touch salads, braising mixes, garnishes. Delicious fried, hot flavour mellows when cooked. Grows as large, upright plants with bright green color leaves. Very easy to grow and slow to bolt. Grows rapidly and requires little care. Can be grown to baby leaf (21 days) or full maturity (45 days).

Growing: For growing in tropical climate, grow to baby leaf stage only. Planting season: spring, direct seeding, three weeks prior the last frost date. Soil: Fertile, well drained and well amended soil. Sowing depth: 0.5in (1.2cm). Spacing: 3in (7.6cm) apart. Light: full sun/partial shade. Watering: regular too keep the soil moist. Fertilizing: optional. Harvest when leaves are young and tender. Older leaves get tough and significantly increase in bitterness. For continious harvest plant every three weeks during the season. 

All our seeds are NON GMO, Untreated, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds. We carefully select the seeds only from trusted suppliers to meet the highest requirements of quality and pack them in individual hermetically sealed bags for protection against moisture, light, temp. changes and much longer viability. 

Contains 2g (0.07oz) seeds.