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Red Beet 'Bull's Blood' (Beta Vulgaris L.) Vegetable Heirloom Beetroot, 10g Seeds

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Red Beet 'Bull's Blood' (Beta Vulgaris L.) - heirloom variety with beautiful burgundy folliage to spark up the salad or micro greens. The foliage color intensifies as the plant matures. Striking, both baby and full size. Roots are small size, deep bordo colour with attractive candy-striped zoning when sliced. Super sweet, juicy, rich flavoured. Perfect to be eaten fresh or juiced. Packed with nutrients and fibber, naturally body alkalising, boosting the body with numerous amount of health benefiting properties!

Growing of Microgreen: As microgreens grow within 5-8 days and is ready for consumption. 

Growing of the full beet plant: Plant inside neutral, moist, fertile soil without too much lime or acidity (pH 6.5-7.0). Choose a loction with full sun/partial shade. Sow seeds 2cm (3/4"-1") deep. Keep seeds or seedlings apart at a distance of at least 5 to 10cm (2-4").The seeds should tbe sown thinly across the surface and covered with 2cm (0.75in) of compost. Then, when the seedlings reach 2 cm (about an inch) in height, remove the weaker of the seedlings to give the vigorous plants room to grow – aim for about 12cm (5 inches) between seeds. Water moderately and avoid over-watering. This causes beetroot to produce more leaves and less root, risking them "bolting" (flowering and not producing a vegetable). What's more, under-watering creates woody roots. Regular fertilising is recommended to support healthy and robust growth. Matures in 40-52 days.

All our seeds are NON GMO, Untreated, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds. We carefully select the seeds only from trusted suppliers to meet the highest requirements of quality and pack them in individual hermetically sealed bags for protection against moisture, light, temp. changes and much longer viability. 

Contains 10g of  seeds.