Rooting Powder: 50g

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For those of us who love growing herbs and plants from cutting, Rooting Powder/ liquid/ gel is our best friend. In plant propagation, the rooting hormone aka rooting powder or liquidis basically used to grow new roots from cuttings.

Many of us in Singapore normally use rooting hormones in powder form because of its advantages, One of which is its shelf life. Compared to other forms, powdered rooting hormones can last longer when kept dry. To use it, you simply dip the cutting into the powder. You may also increase the amount of powder that can stick to the cutting by soaking it in water before dipping it into the powder. However, this technique may cause contamination of the cuttings. It is more advisable to use a small amount of powder in batches.

You can now pick up a bottle of rooting powder -50 gm for $ 5.00